Workforce and Education


The multi-professional clinical education team, which includes medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy and allied health professionals, is committed to providing excellent education and training to our staff, students and trainees.  This includes the training of doctors, nurses, midwives, all allied health professionals, pharmacists and medical scientists.  As well as this, it covers programmes such as widening access, apprenticeships, work experience and undergraduate and postgraduate specialist training.  Our training is delivered both in the workplace and through dedicated classroom sessions as well as our ASPiH accredited Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre.  We work with a number of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) which include University of Liverpool, University of Central Lancashire, Lancaster University, University of Cumbria and University of Buckingham.  We aim to provide an innovative and equitable educational experience to our learners, with a particular emphasis on inter-professional learning.

Our Vision

Patients are best looked after in a well-staffed organisation by an educated and engaged workforce. We are motivated through a positive working culture that empowers us to deliver care with pride.

Our Objectives

Patient safety is at the core of the 'domains'.  Safety is inseparable from a good learning environment and culture that values and supports learners and educators. It is therefore our first priority to ensure that education and training takes place where patients are safe, the experience of patients is good and education and training are valued.

Our key objectives are aligned with the six 'domains' of the Health Education England Framework 2017 – 2018 (2018).

The domains are:

  • Learning Environment and Culture
  • Educational Governance
  • Supporting Learners
  • Supporting Educators
  • Design and Delivery of Curricula
  • Developing a Sustainable Workforce