Nursing, Midwifery and Therapy Strategy

Nursing, Midwifery and Therapy Strategy 2016-2020

Our Vision

Nurses, Midwives, Health Visitors and Therapists will provide high standards of care to our patients and families within a culture of compassionate and safe care.

Executive Summary

Building on our 2013-2016 three year Compassionate Care Strategy which highlighted how we would deliver the fundamental values for nursing, known as the 6C’s, our new strategy focuses on how we will deliver the Chief Nursing Officer of England’s Leading Change and Adding Value Framework by embedding the 10 Commitments into our daily practice.  This revised Strategy sets out a professional direction for Nurses, Midwifes, Health Visitors and Therapists and reflects how we will support bridging the gaps in health and well being  through collaboration with our patients in order to maximise health and wellbeing, ensure we deliver quality care and make effective use of our resources..

During 2016 colleagues have been involved in celebrating how we are already meeting each of the commitments and the work we will undertake over the next 4 years to ensure our work reflects our shared ambitions to develop and improve care for our patients whilst identifying the good practice.

 “Despite the challenges the organisation and the wider NHS is experiencing I firmly believe that the collective energy, will and drive of our professions can make a real difference in influencing future care and service models for our patients. We have a great opportunity to lead to ensure that we realise our vision.”


Marie Thompson, Executive Director of Nursing and Quality


The Blackpool Context

Our Strategy links directly to the delivery of the Trust Quality Strategy and the Trusts Strategic Vision. It supports achievement of our 7 work streams that will accomplish key improvements in our care delivery.

The delivery of our strategy is driven by a shared and ‘common’ set of values that all staff can identify with and ensure they are role models in day to day practice.