Council of Governors

The Trust has 33 Governors in total, 6 of which are Staff Governors, 10 of which are Appointed Governors and the remaining 17 are Public Governors.

The Council of Governors provide advice and support, and are able to influence decisions about how we develop services for the people of Blackpool, Fylde, Wyre and Lancashire & Cumbria.

You may contact the Governor for your area regarding any issues you would like to discuss by using this online form, or by telephoning the Membership and Governors Officer on 01253 956673.

Staff Governors

Staff Governors are members of staff representing different areas of the Trust.

Nursing and Midwifery:
Sharon Vickers, Staff Governor for Nursing and Midwifery

Sharon Vickers, Staff Governor for Nursing and Midwifery

Sharon Vickers

I qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1989.  I trained at Eastbourne District General Hospital and worked there as a Staff Nurse for 15 years.  My family and I moved to Lytham St. Annes 17 years ago.  I am now in Practice Development after 12 years working on the Acute Medical Unit.

Throughout my career I have worked in the Medical Directorate, Emergency and Access Directorate and in Education.  During that time, I have gained a wider knowledge and understanding of Divisional and Trust wide issues. I wish to be involved in the continual improvements of our Trust and the driving forward of future initiatives. My purpose is to be a true representative for the Nurses and keeping it real.


Peter Farrington, Staff Governor for Nursing and Midwifery

Peter Farrington, Staff Governor for Nursing and Midwifery

Peter Farrington

Recently appointed as Community Matron for St Annes.  Previously worked for Lytham Housebound Team, Blackpool District Nurses and General Medical Wards within the Unscheduled Care Division at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Passionate about nursing, seemingly a catalyst for change. Aiming to align the 5 P`s of Planning & Preparation to Prevent Poor Performance with the 6 C`s of nursing which include; Care, Commitment, Communication, Competence, Courage and Compassion.

Medical and Dental:
Dr Ranjit More, Staff Governor for Medical and Dental

Dr Ranjit More, Staff Governor for Medical and Dental

Dr Ranjit More

I am a Consultant Cardiologist at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. I qualified from Manchester University in 1989 and completed my cardiology training in London, Brighton and Leicester. In 1987, I was appointed to a Consultant Cardiology post at Portsmouth before moving to the tertiary Cardiac Centre at Blackpool in 2003. I have sat on a number of committees of the Royal College of Physicians, British Cardiovascular Society and the British Society of Echocardiography. My leadership roles have included Clinical Lead for Lancashire and South Cumbria Cardiac Network, Chair of the BSE Accreditation Committee, Cardiovascular co-lead for NW Coast Clinical Research Network and local ex-CD for Cardiology.

The NHS as a whole and the Trust are going through a difficult period where it is important that the emphasis remains on provision of high quality clinical care. It is vital that there is strong representation from the medical and dental staff to provide advice and support to the Trust regarding local and regional service development.

Clinical Support:
Jenny Gavin, Staff Governor for Clinical Support

Jenny Gavin, Staff Governor for Clinical Support

Jenny Gavin

My health career started in 1986, with Registered Nurse training at Manchester Royal Infirmary and an interest in cardio-thoracic.  I had several staff nurse jobs, starting in chest medicine up to my final nursing position in Intensive Care at Wythenshawe Hospital, caring for patients following cardiac surgery and transplants.

In 1995, I had changed both my home location to Lytham and my employment to Trainee Perfusion Scientist at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.  I have been employed here as a Perfusionist since qualifying. I have watched the cardiac theatres grow from a small 2 theatre suite to a purpose built Lancashire Cardiac Centre. Until recently I have also worked as an elected member of the College of Perfusionists.

I have brought up my children in the area and so feel it is home. With our national  healthcare economy under such financial pressure, it is even more important that our quality of health care provision continues to be cared for during such difficult times.

 Non-Clinical Support:
Tina Daniels, Staff Governor for Non-Clinical Support

Tina Daniels, Staff Governor for Non-Clinical Support

Tina Daniels

I commenced working with the Trust in 2002 in HR, moving to the role of Equality and Diversity Lead in 2008.

Originally from Liverpool my adult life has been spent on the Fylde Coast.  All three of my children were born at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and attended local schools, which meant we had the need to access a number of services provided by the Trust.

I worked in IT until the early 1990’s then changed career attaining a BA in Management and Organisations with HRM and MSc in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations at the University of Manchester Business School in 2002.

Community Health Services (North Lancs):

No picture Available

Vacant Post







Appointed Governors

Appointed Governors are nominated by partner organisations to the Trust.

Blackpool Carers Centre:
Michelle Smith, Appointed Governor for Carers' Trust Fylde Coast Carers Centre

Michelle Smith, Appointed Governor for Blackpool Carers Centre

Michelle Smith

I was born and educated on the Fylde Coast. I have been Chief Executive of Blackpool Carers Centre since 2009.

I am passionate about promoting the positive contribution that well supported family carers make to the community and the local economy. I am keen to highlight the importance of improving the aspirations and life chances of young carers.

I have an interest in financial management, governance and am an advocate for ‘all things Blackpool’.

As an Appointed Governor, my main aim is to provide a voice for family carers of all ages.

Blackpool Council:
Martin Mitchell, Appointed Governor for Blackpool Council

Martin Mitchell, Appointed Governor for Blackpool Council

Councillor Martin Mitchell

Elected to Blackpool Council in 2011, I represent Layton Ward. I am keenly aware of how physical and mental health problems impact on the day to day experience of my constituents. I have many health interests including mental health, patient experience and the interrelation of health and social care.

Lancashire County Council:

No picture AvailableCllr C. Edwards






Blackpool & the Fylde College :

No picture AvailableMargaret Bamforth






Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust:

No picture AvailablePaul Bibby

Following a career in financial services, I returned to education and qualified as an occupational therapist in 2004, specialising in mental health.  I attained a Masters’ Degree in 2010, focusing on psychosocial approaches to supporting people with mental health problems.

I moved in to strategy and planning in 2015 to broaden my horizons, to give me a different perspective on health and care delivery, and to bring my clinical knowledge and skills to support organisations to address some of the challenges we all face in delivering sustainable, high quality services to our communities.

University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN):
Dr Deborah Kenny, Appointed Governor for University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)

Dr Deborah Kenny, Appointed Governor for University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)

Dr Deborah Kenny

I qualified from Queen Elizabeth’s School of Nursing in Birmingham as a general and pediatric nurse in 1985.

I then went on to specialise in Neonatal Nursing and worked in Neonatal Units across the UK before I moved into a teaching career.

I moved to work at the University of Central Lancashire in 1997 to teach Neonatal Nursing and I am now the Head of the School of Community Health and Midwifery.

My doctoral thesis was focused on nurses and caring.  This is a subject I feel very passionate about and it is one that I wish to champion in my position as an Appointed Governor.

Lancaster University:
Dr Amelia Hunt, Appointed Governor for Lancaster University

Dr Amelia Hunt, Appointed Governor for Lancaster University

Dr Amelia Hunt

Having worked for 16 years in various roles in Higher Education, I am currently the Faculty Manager for Health & Medicine at Lancaster University.

I am a member of the University’s Leadership Group where I contribute to the development of our strategy and the successful implementation of the strategic priorities.

I am responsible for good governance and organisational support to deliver the highest quality education, research and engagement activities in Health & Medicine to contribute to the wider health economy.

Previously I have worked as a researcher at Lancaster and Nottingham Universities on environmental and health-related projects.

Public Governors

Public Governors are nominated and voted for by our members. They are also members of the Trust.

Beverley Clark, Public Governor for Blackpool

Beverley Clark, Public Governor for Blackpool

Beverley Clark

I live in Blackpool, where I run our guesthouse with my husband.

I am a retired nurse and have seen many changes since leaving the NHS, as demand has outstripped funding.

I stood for public governor for The Trust because I am passionate about patient experience and patient’s rights.  As  lead ambassador for the Patient’s Association my role is to support people who have unanswered questions about their or a loved one’s care and to work with the NHS in carrying out surveys such as a recent one requested by the Royal College of radiographers.

Camilla Hardy, Public Governor for Blackpool

Camilla Hardy, Public Governor for Blackpool

Camilla Hardy

Currently in my second term as a Governor, I regularly attend Board meetings, undertake Patient Safety Walkabouts with Trust Directors and participate in the Governors’ visiting programme.

Now retired, my career as a Senior Manager in Adult Social Care in Lancashire provides me with expertise in the interrelation between Health and Social Care.

Born and brought up in Blackpool, my family and I have first-hand experience of health care provided by the Trust and I will continue to offer my knowledge, skills and commitment in supporting the Trust to deliver the best possible care it can for local residents.

Zacky Hameed, Public Governor for Blackpool

Zacky Hameed, Public Governor for Blackpool

Zacky Hameed

I have worked as a lecturer in Lancashire and abroad and had my own family business in Blackpool for the last 30 years.

I am passionate about having a healthcare system that is functional so I make a positive contribution to continuously improving the care and compassion the patient is entitled to and paid for under the NHS system.

The ability to inter-relate with members of the public, staff and the Board of Directors to focus on the improvements for the sick and the elderly was, and will continue to be, my prime objective.

I engage with, and listen to, people’s views and issues on health and social care in the community and always make the management aware of these to comply with the Provider Licence.

Robert Hudson, Public Governor for Blackpool

Robert Hudson, Public Governor for Blackpool

Robert Hudson

‘The NHS Love Affair’

It was April 25th 2012, I was on ward 38 Lancashire Cardiac Unit about to undergo OHS for a Mechanical Aortic Valve replacement.  Within 5 days of the utmost best care from the nursing staff I was back at home.  It didn’t stop there, my heart was fixed, but my body was in a bad shape, so the Cardiac Rehab Team put a program of rehab together, one for fitness and one of weight loss.  As I started this journey I was 18.5 stone, so quite a bit of work needed to reach my target of 13.5 stone.

As the Rehab Team were so supportive it would be almost impossible for anyone to fail in reaching their goal.  Sixteen months later I was 13.5 stone and had just completed my first Sprint Triathlon.

‘Putting Something Back’

For me, I wanted to give something back for the time and effort given to me by our wonderful NHS and my local Rehab Team.  With support from my local council I have become a Sports Coach, helping others on their way into fitness.  As I have the patient experience from OHS treatment I can relate a bit closer to some people’s needs and struggles.

This wasn’t enough for me, so as a member of our Trust I chose to become a Public Governor.  My role is in the main part, being the eyes and ears of the people in my local area of Marton, Blackpool as well as keeping in touch with the front line nursing staff, which is  very important to me, to give them a voice with the Board of Directors.

It is truly an honour for me to be a Public Governor here at Blackpool Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

We all work very hard in keeping what we have as the very best we can offer.

George Holden, Public Governor for Blackpool

George Holden

I have served as a Governor since 2011 and recently chaired the Membership Committee and the Strategic Focus Group.  My current interests as a Governor are Dementia and Diabetic services.

Being brought up in a Promenade hotel and attending local schools, I feel I have an understanding of what living in Blackpool means.  Before retirement I was a Teacher and Youth Worker and in 1998 was appointed Principal Youth and Community Officer for the new Blackpool Unitary Authority.

I am interested in ensuring young people are appropriately catered for in all aspects of healthcare and for their participation in health governance.

Patricia Roche, Public Governor for Blackpool

Patricia Roche, Public Governor for Blackpool

Patricia Roche

My background is in Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy. I have a Masters Degree in Management.  I have been fortunate  to be able to use these skills as a Curriculum Manager at Blackpool College and as a Psychotherapist in a GP surgery.  I have international experience as a Visiting Professor in the United States.  Nearer to home, I have designed and delivered summer schools at the University of Lancaster.

I am committed to using all the above skills and experience in my role as a Public Governor for the Blackpool Constituency, particularly with reference to the massive changes taking place in the NHS at present.  I believe the NHS to be a pearl beyond price and I will use my role to safeguard it on your behalf to the best of my ability.

Heather O'Hara, Public Governor for Blackpool

Heather O’Hara, Public Governor for Blackpool

Heather O’Hara

I have lived in Blackpool for almost 30 years and ‘The Vic’ is my local hospital and I became a Public Governor to try to make a difference.

As a qualified Accountant my training hopefully will mean I am committed to ensuring that all decisions have the least impact on patients.

The NHS is an important institution and needs to be supported through all mediums and, as the decisions made at Board level will always have an impact, I feel it’s important to ensure that the view of the Public is represented in a logical and fair way.


Adele DeVito, Public Governor for Blackpool

Adele DeVito, Public Governor for Blackpool

Adele DeVito

Originally from Manchester, I have lived on the Fylde Coast since 1967.

I work for the Blackpool Library Service.

I consider it an honour and a privilege to be a Public Governor for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and hope to discharge my duties well.

I believe the NHS to be the best care provider in the world, offering unconditional care to all at the point of need.

Anthony Winter, Public Governor for Fylde

Anthony Winter, Public Governor for Fylde

Anthony Winter

I have been closely associated with the Trust, for over six years, in the capacity of both a Public Governor for the Fylde Constituency and an Appointed Governor representing the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

My aim is to support the Trust’s Strategic Framework to achieve the highest quality, integrated and sustainable healthcare in the community.  Where patients have access to the timely, personalised and quality care they need within the most appropriate and safe environment.

I undertake to accurately reflect the views of our community to achieve the very highest standards of care, ethical principles and excellence that we have a right to expect from our hospital trust.

I have a high degree of empathy for patients and families alike and I am proud to have a son who is a Consultant Oncologist in Sheffield.

I bring extensive commercial business and management acumen skills to the Council of Governors as well as being highly motivated.

I am also a Trustee for the Ormerod Trust, which is a major charity for the provision of Independent Living Support for adults and children with physical and learning disabilities across Fylde, Wyre and Blackpool.


Sheila Jefferson, Public Governor for Fylde

Sheila Jefferson, Public Governor for Fylde

Sheila Jefferson

I have lived on the Fylde Coast for forty two years (originally from Preston). I am a Minister’s daughter, married with three great sons and five happy grandchildren. I enjoy life and my hobbies are gardening, singing and jogging.

Having worked in the N.H.S for thirty years with family planning clinics and being a qualified BACP Counsellor for several years, this has given me a great understanding of peoples’ needs.

As a governor I regard my career experience as being beneficial to the Trust and I look forward to my input into this important position.


No picture AvailableGraham Stuart

I have lived on the Fylde Coast all my life and was a partner in a High Street solicitors practice in Blackpool for 30 years and now work in Manchester as a full time District Judge.

Socially I play and coach hockey, have been a member of Lytham Hockey Club for almost 50 years and am President of the Club.

My interest in the NHS arises out of my parent’s dementia and hospitalisation and have experienced the frustrations that arise linked to poor communication between hospitals and   families despite the good work of the medical teams.

Sue Crouch, Public Governor for Wyre

Sue Crouch, Public Governor for Wyre

Sue Crouch

I have lived on the Fylde Coast for many years, working as a teacher, and then as a senior officer with Blackpool Children’s Services. My professional experience equipped me with a good understanding of local demographics and challenges and I also undertook a Master’s degree to assist me in my role as a leader of service transformation. Since retiring, I have become a Trustee for Fylde Coast Women’s Aid.

As a Governor, I am committed to supporting the Trust to further improve the quality of patient care, both through the modernisation of services and by helping to promote evidence-based practice.


Ian Owen, Public Governor for Wyre

Ian Owen, Public Governor for Wyre

Ian Owen

I am keen to support quality local public services putting the patient at the heart of everything we do.

A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (FCPFA) I have a detailed understanding of public sector Finance, Technology and Operations.

Local experience from 16 years at Blackpool/Preston Councils and Norcross together with 20 years at large multi-national companies. My current “day” job is as a Public Sector Specialist for a large global IT company.

A Wyre resident since the age of 4, my aim is to serve the public I represent to the best of my ability.


Betty Ray, Public Governor for Wyre

Betty Ray, Public Governor for Wyre

Betty Ray

I have been engaged as a Volunteer Welcomer since 1992, following the inception of the scheme in 1991, and I also became a member of the Readers’ Panel.  I was born in Manchester in 1927 and followed the usual path of Elementary School Education, followed by gaining Scholarships, enabling my attendance at Bury Grammar School.

My business career encompassed audit work and dealing with the public, including reception duties.  I married a pilot in the RAF in 1946 who later joined the Lancashire Constabulary, resulting in being posted to Fleetwood.  Tragically I was very suddenly widowed in 1987.  I have been involved in committee work for Thornton Gala since 2010 and I have also worked as an agent for a Political Candidate in Thornton Cleveleys.


No picture AvailableChristina McKenzie-Townsend






North West Counties:
Rev David Crouchley, Public Governor for North of England

Rev David Crouchley, Public Governor for North West Counties

Rev David Crouchley

I am an elected Governor representing the North of England constituency. I have a long link with Blackpool Victoria Hospital, both of my children were born there and many of my wider family have benefitted from the professionalism and care of the staff. I have spent almost equal amounts of time living in Blackpool and Cumbria. I am a recently retired Methodist Minister, I have in my working life been Hospital Chaplain in four different hospitals and I was a Hospice Chaplain for ten years. I have a number of voluntary interests including being a Member of the Carlisle Cathedral Council. I am particularly interested in Medical Ethics and End of Life. I am passionate about the NHS and feel privileged to be able to serve as a Governor.